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MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer Instructions

Please read the entire user guide for proper usage and to ensure full satisfaction with your new MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer.

What is the MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer?

Ionization is an electrolytic process which introduces positively charged ions of Copper ions into your pool water. This process occurs throughout nature at all levels and is thus how water uses a small amount of minerals to purify itself. Water purification by ionization has been practiced for thousands of years. The Roman Empire stored water in containers made of copper and silver which prevented the growth of algae and bacteria leaving fresh and clear water. However, putting a few pieces of copper and silver in your swimming pool will take a long time to be clear the water due to the limited concentration of those elements.

The MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer produces a small charge of solar powered electricity which ionizes the electrodes thus allowing the electrochemistry reaction to take place.

How does MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer work?

The instant the Copper ions in our equipment’s Copper-Steel electrodes are ionized, the free positively charged Copper electrons are introduced into the water. These Copper ions are lethal to microscopic life forms. (Experiments by the University of Arizona demonstrated effectively that the mineral ions coupled with a small amount of chlorine (0.4-0.9ppm) are 1,000 times more effective as a method for preventing algae and bacteria.)

 Once these ions are dissolved in the water, they remain for extended periods of time. Just like the salt in the oceans, the ions do not evaporate even in extreme conditions and intense heat. By contrast, chlorine is a very light element that tends to evaporate easily, especially in warm climates.

Are the Copper ions incorporated in the water by the MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer safe?

Not only are the minerals safe, they are recognized as essential minerals for the human body. The concentrations obtained typically correspond to the amount that is permitted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for potable water. Our MR SOLAR Pool Ionizers are also perfect as a control measure for algae and bacteria in pools with fish because the minerals are not toxic for them.

Is the MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer required to be active constantly (24x7)?

Of course, no. It is not necessary nor desirable because it would be needlessly wearing out the electrodes. We recommend the MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer initially float continually every day for the first week in order to build up the proper concentration of ions.

After the initial period, MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer should be used a couple of days a week to maintain the appropriate level of ions.

If the pool is large or if, due to weather conditions like the “Raining Season”, or extra water is added to the pool due to counter evaporation, we recommend MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer remain in the water permanently. Swimming with MR SOLAR Pool Ionizer in the pool is perfectly safe and normal.

We always suggest you test the pool weekly. It takes one minute and is really simple.

3 Easy Steps to Use M R  S O L A R Pool Ionizer:

Step 1. Verify your pool chemical levels are correct. You need to start with the correct chlorine and pH levels recommended for safe swimming when you add the MR. SOLAR Pool Ionizer.

Step 2. Place the M R  S O L A R Pool Ionizer into the pool so it is floating with the solar panel facing up towards the sun and not submerged in the water.
(The M R  S O L A R Pool Ionizer has an anchor loop built into the product to facilitate hooking up to a fixed point on the edge of the pool when the pool is in use, keeping it out of the way of swimmers.)    

Step 3. Maintenance:

a.     Every 2 weeks remove the M R  S O L A R Pool Ionizer from the pool and clean the electrode thoroughly using the included brush.

b.    Check the copper level weekly using the provided kit.

If the copper level measures in excess 0.9 ppm, remove the M R  S O L A R Pool Ionizer from the pool or the pool water may turn cloudy and green. Once the pool water measures less than 0.4 ppm, replace the M R  S O L A R Pool Ionizer back into the pool per the above steps.

M R  S O L A R provides spare Copper electrodes and Test Kits. We recommend purchasing a spare of each to store with your other pool supplies to ensure continual safe swimming levels. Replacement Copper Electrodes and Test Kits are available to order from our website at www.mrsolarandsun.com.

While visiting our website,  please be sure to register your product purchase to activate a 1 year guarantee of the
M R  S O L A R Pool Ionizer (Excluding Copper electrode).

We hope you enjoy the M R  S O L A R Pool Ionizer with the full confidence you own a quality product that supports a better environment for you and your family by simply using less Chlorine.

Thank you!

Missy & Roy, Founders

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