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We also will never ask you to send a competitors quote and offer you a 10% discount based on their hard work of measuring and advising you on what is the best solution.
That seems to be a new trend and is a very lazy way to service you as a client. If their business practice is this way, you can be rest assured there will be no ‘after sales service’ and good luck with collecting of their ‘Warranty’.

We are a reputable company who wins work on referrals and references, along with great pricing, expertise and service.

Our service includes measuring and advising you on the correct options for your house as ‘one size does not fit all.’ Don’t be fooled by cheap prices as the old saying is “you get what you pay for” The film will look dark on the windows, but that does not mean it works well……. Our films deliver the quality you paid for!

We are a local Phuket company and our reputation and quality work is everything to us!

MR TINT AND SUN offers competitive pricing based on using Nano Ceramic Films with a factory guarantee of 15 years. In addition a labor guarantee to replace free of charge any film that fails during the factory guarantee.

We do NOT offer Dyed films with a 5 or 8 year guarantee as they are inferior films and their TSER value is low. They do not perform and are frankly just a waste of time installing!.

Do not be fooled by IR Rejection numbers as that is very complicated formula based on many parameters. It allows companies to make their films look good when in fact they are inferior. Ask for TSER values in their film catalog as that all companies can provide that information . Then you can make a real comparison and film to film and if you ever need help call me and I will come and test, you can see and decide yourself.

When the installation ask the supervisor to show you on a digital film test meter the Values of the Film. Any reputable installer will have that along with a digital thermometer and digital measurer.

Film Specifications-

1 = VLT 10% is Non Reflective and looks like RayBan sunglasses, we have a Reflective 10% VLT film called CHIPS and our Crystal film which is 85% VLT and you cannot see it on the windows as its so clear.

2 = IR Rejection (as I said I do not like this but the standard film test meter will give you an indication as if the IR Value is not in excess of the results below then the film is a DYED inferior film)

IR Value
70% for 10% VLT Non Reflective films
80% for 10% VLT Reflective films
50% for 85% VLT Crystal films

3 = UV Rejection - Between 98 - 99%