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Phuket is going to get very HOT! Temperatures to reach 43'C

Thai government warns of heatstroke, high temperatures

Phuket Gazette - March 13, 2017 | 11:49 AM

PHUKET: Rising temperatures have raised the risk of heatstroke, the Public Health Ministry warned yesterday.

It is predicted that temperatures may soar as high as 43 degrees Celsius (109.4 F) over the next seven weeks.

The ministry’s permanent secretary, Dr Sopon Mekthon, advised people to drink two liters of water a day during summer to lower the risk of heatstroke and dehydration.

According to the Disease Control Department, at least 21 people succumbed to heatstroke in Thailand between March 1 and April 17 last year. The victims were between 29 and 72 years old. Most of them died in public places.

The risk of heatstroke is higher among people who have carried out activities under the sun for a long time; young children; the elderly; people with chronic diseases such as hypertension; obese people; those who have not had enough sleep; and heavy drinkers.


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